How many commissioners oversee the GLSD and how are they determined?

The number of GLSD commissioners (for Massachusetts communities) is set forth in the enabling legislation that established the District ­ Chapter 750 of the Acts of 1968. Section 2 of that legislation states that the commission “shall consist of three members from the City of Lawrence, two members from the Town of Methuen, one member from the Town of Andover, and one member from the Town of North Andover”. The legislation generally indicates that number of commissioners for each community is established on a population basis.

Salem, NH joined the District in 1982 through a formal agreement between the District and the town. Section 11 of this agreement provides that Salem shall have one non-voting representative to the commission.

Population* of District:

Location 1977 Now
Andover 25,600 31,500
Lawrence 64,300 72,200
Methuen 36,300 44,200
No. Andover 19,000 27,700
Salem Not Applicable 28,300
TOTAL 145,200 203,900

*Please note that some of the population shown for each of the communities is not yet served by public sewers.


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