How does the District deal with odors from the plant?

GLSD controls odors in two ways:

First, as summer progresses, incoming wastewater to the District becomes more odorous. These odors are then released at different points in the District’s treatment process. To control these incoming odors, the District adds odor neutralizing chemicals (known as “oxidants”) to the incoming wastewater. These chemicals are added into the wastewater initially as the wastewater passes through the District’s interceptor sewers. Chemicals are also added at the Riverside Pump Station and at various points in the wastewater treatment plant itself.

Second, with the completion of the Biosolids Improvement Project, all sludge treatment processes at the treatment plant has been covered or enclosed. Odorous air from each of these processes is now sent through a biofilter that removes the odor from the air prior to its release into the atmosphere.(Previously, odorous air from the District’s sludge processes were not captured and treated.)

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